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        AUM series of drum ball mill
        AUM series of drum ball mill

        AUM series of drum ball mill
        AUM serial rotary ball mill is a fine grinding equipment used in the laboratory or small batch of production.
        The characteristic of this machine is to put the materials into the ball mill tank covering a lid, place on the tray, tighten gland screw, then start working. During working, the tray makes a high-speed rotation, drives the ball mill tank a high-speed rotation, under this kind of movement, the milling ball in the ball mill tank has a very high frequency impact and friction to the materials under the action of inertial force, grinding of materials at a high speed.
        This machine is novel, advanced structure, easy to use. The machine speed optimization design of tank, tank by rubber roller moving do best rotation, can make the grinding media ball formation in the tank pour flow movement dispersive material, get the best effect of grinding tanks can be tailor-made for the user to stainless steel, manganese steel, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide porcelain, nylon, wear-resisting rubber, etc. Also can according to user needs to make it: fixed speed stepless speed regulation, frequency control of motor speed, three for the user to choose from.
        Working data
        Mode Single ball mill
        Total volume (L
        Single ball mill (L
        Ball milling tank
        The number of
        The number of roots
        AUM-2 2 1 2-6 1 3 0.37
        AUM-4 4 2 2-6 1 3 0.75
        AUM-6 6 3 2-8 2 4 1.1
        AUM-10 10 5 2-8 2 6 2.2
        AUM-20 20 10 2-6 3 9 4
        AUM-30 30 15 2-6 3 9 5.5