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        Address: Qianzhou Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
        Tel: 0510-83380282
        Contacts: Zhu Zhiming 13961810087
        Contacts: Zhu Yihao 18261567975
        Contacts: Yang Xifeng 13861470120
        Fax: 0510-83396128
        E-mail: zyftjxa@126.com
         Position: Home > PRODUCT > Grinding Series > CXM series of efficient ultrafine grinder
        CXM series of efficient ultrafine grinder
        CXM series of efficient ultrafine grinder

        CXM series of efficient ultrafine grinder
        The machine model is developed according to the latest powder grinding processing technology overseas and combined with the independent innovation and processing technology improvement.
        It is more reasonable, more convenient to use, running more stable than that of conventional horizontal sand mill, thus the effect is more outstanding.
        The main advantages
        ?、貵ood machinery sealing, no leakage of water and no leakage of materials;
        ?、赥he pipe connection between the grinding barrels and circulating pump adopts suction filter structure to change the traditional way of pressure filtration, the advantage is to reduces the pressure inside the mill barrel, thus effectively protect the normal operation of the mechanical sealing, at the same time to eliminate the phenomenon of slurry block at the mouth of the filter;
        ?、跦igh grinding efficiency, the slurry comes into the mill barrel and is evenly dispersed throughout the grinding space through the dispersion disk for a high speed collision and grinding, in this way, the materials could eventually achieve the user's requirements after repeated pump cycle working, the grinding fineness of this machine can reach 0.5 micron below;
        ?、蹽rinding medium is less while the processing volume is larger.
        This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder processing industry, especially the higher requirements for the product fineness or those are difficult to crush, achieving good crushing effect, and the matching of storage tank can be customized according to the users’ requirements.