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        AXH series of circulating stirring ball mill
        AXH series of circulating stirring ball mill

        AXH series of circulating stirring ball mill
        AXH serial circulated stirring ball mill is a combination of stirring mill and the large capacity of premixed and cylinder, utilizing the pump’s high speed cycle to achieve rapid grinding effect and narrow particle size distribution. Rapid circulated materials shall go through grinding medium of stirring ball mill chamber, this phenomenon is benefit to get a narrow particle size distribution, allowing smaller particles going through rapidly, while relatively coarse particles shall stuck a long time, having preferential crushing effect for the coarse particles. Circulated stirring mill is usually used in the final material size of micron grade, high quality requirement and the materials that are difficult to be grind and dispersed.
        The main feature of AXH series is a very narrow particle size distribution which could be obtained after grinding, grinding medium and grinding chamber investment is less, but can handle a lot of materials. The slurry can be monitored continuously, other ingredients of the recipe can be added to the premix cylinder at any time in the process of grinding, while the sensitive components can be added at the end of grinding. Because of the short time in the grinding chamber of the slurry and most of the time is in the premixed cylinder, a better temperature control could be achieved.
        Special options
        Cylinder liner: optional ceramic (aluminium oxide), ceramic tile, edible grade rubber or polyurethane lining.
        Stirring arm sleeve: optional polyurethane, tungsten carbide, carbide or zirconium oxide, etc.
        Cylinder head: it can match with the floating shaft seal, which is used for reducing the loss of solvent or inert gas protection.
        Technical parameters
        Type AXH—8 AXH -30 AXH -70 AXH -100 AXH -200 AXH-400
        Ball mill barrel volume 8 28.5 68 95 190 380
        Slurry volume 6.5 15 38 50 100 200
        Mixing bucket volume 30 285 650 945 1890 3780
        Main motor power 2.2△ 5.5△ 7.5△ 11△ 22△ 37△