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        Address: Qianzhou Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
        Tel: 0510-83380282
        Contacts: Zhu Zhiming 13961810087
        Contacts: Zhu Yihao 18261567975
        Contacts: Yang Xifeng 13861470120
        Fax: 0510-83396128
        E-mail: zyftjxa@126.com
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        E-shaped bucket mixer
        E-shaped bucket mixer

        E-shaped bucket mixer
        E charging bucket mixer has such characteristics as convenient operation, fast speed and good mixing effect, etc. It is widely used in: magnetic material, powder metallurgy, welding materials, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics and many other kinds of industry, which is an ideal mixing equipment.
        working principle
        This equipment is researched and developed independently by my factory, utilizing the mechanical gripper to grab bucket and lock it. The frame automatically rises to make the bucket to rotate 360 degrees. Because the material is made of single cone, the material shall be from decomposition to combination, from portfolio to decompose as the mixed frame rolled, due to different material plane and a transverse force exists, the material shall be pushed for a lateral communication. The combination of material horizontal and radial, decomposition and combination shall make the material reach very uniform mixing effect.
        Note: please consider bearing legal consequences if this equipment photos are stolen for false propaganda.