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        Address: Qianzhou Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
        Tel: 0510-83380282
        Contacts: Zhu Zhiming 13961810087
        Contacts: Zhu Yihao 18261567975
        Contacts: Yang Xifeng 13861470120
        Fax: 0510-83396128
        E-mail: zyftjxa@126.com
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        ZKG series of vacuum drying chamber
        ZKG series of vacuum drying chamber

        ZKG series of vacuum drying chamber
        ZKG serial vacuum drying oven takes the dry material in a vacuum condition for heated drying. Utilizing of vacuum pump for air exhaust and wet exhaust will speed up the drying rate. If using the condenser, the solvent in materials can be recycled through the condenser.
        The boiling point of material solution shall be depressed under vacuum condition, making the driving force of heat transfer for the evaporator increase, therefore, the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved for certain heat transmission.
        Disinfection treatment could be done before drying process; none of the impurity shall be mixed in during the process of drying, which will be in line with the GMP requirements. It is a kind of static vacuum dryer; so the shape of the dry material will not be damaged.
        Working data
        specification φ×L φ×L φ×L L×W×H
        inner size of tank mmmm 600×976 1000×1527 1400×2054 1500×1400×1220
        external dimension of tank mmmm 1135×810×1020 1693×1190×1500 2386×1675×1920 1513×1924×2060
        drying rack layer 4 6 8 8
        interlayer distance mmmm 81 102 102 122
        drying disk size mmmm 310×600×45 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
        drying disk quantity 4 12 32 32
        Pressure in the drying tube MPaMPa ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784
        inner tank temperature ≤150 ≤150 ≤150 ≤150
        inner tank no-load
        vacuum degree torr
        vaporization rate of water under vacuum degree of 30 torr and heating temperature of 110時,水的汽化率(kg/m2.h 7.2
        vacuum pump model and power using the condenser (kw) 2X-15A 2kw 2X-30A 3kw 2X-70A 7.5kw 2X-70A 7.5kw