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        LX series of screw conveyor
        LX series of screw conveyor

        LX series of screw conveyor
        The screw conveyor is suitable for bulk materials transportation in chemical industry, metallurgical industry as well as paper, construction and other industries, such as: cement, coal, carbon black, soda ash flour, food grains and pulp, etc. Because the machine can move randomly, and anywhere of level, tilt, vertical can continuously transmit, so it is especially applicable to the field operation, such as concrete mixing station, bulk material storage and transport where could reflect the advanced nature and superiority, etc.div class="Prodtitle">Features   1、 LX serial screw conveyor belongs to non-base stationary type, it successively link by driving motor reducer casing pipe screw, combined as a whole.
          2、 Shaft end and screw are connect by using involute spline (or rectangular spline), which is easy to install, excellent load capacity, safe and reliable.
          3、 Conveyor shell is made of steel pipe to connect each section into a whole by the flange, so it has high integral rigidity, thus could optionally choose working position and working attitude, it could also be optionally dismounted and moved.
          4、 The opening of feeding and discharging materials can be made to required angle of inclination according to the situation of job site, and be fixed with other corollary equipment’s connection.
          5、 The screw blade is rolled by rotary steel strip into a whole connected blade, with high precision of helicoid, precise inner hole external diameter screw pitch size, obtaining the best transportation working condition, (the above requirements must be met if using the single installed and welded blade).
          1、All the occasions that the material is suitable for the screw conveyor could adopt this model for conveying, which could be continuous whether it is horizontal, inclined or vertical state, it can be fixed directly with its matched equipments for connection especially in the inclined and vertical transportation, while no need for foundation, making full use of the space.
          2. It has good sealing, no dust pollution and leakage phenomenon, do not waste material and created a good working environment.
          3. Its helix diameter is small, speed is high, conveying amount is large, which is especially suitable for the inclined and vertical transport.