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        Impulse type dust remover
        Impulse type dust remover

        Impulse type dust remover
        Impulse type dust remover is made through continuously improve, perfect and modification on the basis of the old type impulse dust collector. Besides the purification efficiency is high that the old type has, the new model has greater ability to deal with, stable performance, long life and other advantages, but also has high technical, wide scope of application. The equipment is widely used in metallurgy, casting, chemical industry, building materials, food, machinery, light industry, rubber and other industrial and mining enterprises for ventilation and dust removal, receiving a good effect on environment improvement, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution.  
        Dust air enters into the lower tank through air inlet, large particles of dust fell to ash hopper, fine dust is attached on the filter bag, net air enters into upper tank outlet to discharge through the filter and fallopian tube. Due to increasing dust attached to the filter bag, the dust adhered on the surface of the bag must be to cleared in order to keep the resistance of the dust remover within a certain range (usually 120 mm water column), which in turn open pulse valve regularly by the controller to take the CDA in the air bag spray out, which enter into the filter bag with the fallopian tube induce secondary airflow, the filter bags is instantly ballooning. Due to reverse effect of the air flow, the dust is shook off into the ash hopper of the lower tank and discharged through the ash system.