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        Address: Qianzhou Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
        Tel: 0510-83380282
        Contacts: Zhu Zhiming 13961810087
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        Ball milling media
        Ball milling media

        Ball milling media
        Zirconia ceramic beads with proportion of 6.0 can be used as specifications 0.2mm-30mm
        Main chemical composition:ZrO2 94.6%   Y2O3 5.4%
        True specific gravity::          5.9-6.1g/cm3 
        Apparent specific gravity:          3.7g/cm3
        Moh's hardness :          ≥9 
        Flexure strength:       ≥1000Mpa
        Breaking tenacity :       12~14Mpa.m1/2
        Color:          Pearl color  white
        Package:         plastic bucket or woven bag
        English name:   TZP Zirconia Ceramic Beads